Heartbreak is usually a reason for anxiety,
so is running out of phone battery!

Imagine your phone runs out of battery when you have to order your favourite Rajma Chawal or when you have to book a cab for your investor meeting or even when you are in the midst of a conversation planning your perfect date or the last minute grocery shopping. Quite dramatic right?

For an uninterrupted screenplay in life, presenting India’s leading automated, smart and affordable power bank rental service - GoCharge!


What makes GoCharge so cool?

Fully charged, light-weight, installed with cables is what you get when you rent a GoCharge!


Available in different locations across Mumbai. (other cities to follow soon)

Multiple Devices

Compatible to all types of mobile phones, comes with pre-installed lightning cable (iPhone), USB-C cable, and MicroUSB. Go ahead, charge multiple devices at once

Fast Charge

With a 5000 mAh battery and fast charging technology, rest assured your devices will be fully charged in an hour’s time


Pre-loaded wallet payment method, rent basis hourly use and much cheaper than buying and managing a Power Bank

Easy Rent and Return

Scan using the app, pick up the GoCharge power bank, use the product and drop it at any of the partner locations


No more worries about heavy bulky charger, no worries of charging your power bank and looking for charging points


How it works

Available at 500+ locations in Mumbai so that you never have to be worried about where to find a Go Charge!


Download the GoCharge app on the Play Store or the App Store and register.

Locate Us

Locate the nearest GoCharge Partner on the Location Map!

Scan & Take

Scan the code on the GoCharge power bank vending machine and grab the GoCharge power bank that pops-out of the machine.

Return Once Done

Charge your phone and return it back at any of the GoCharge Partner locations.

Stay Charged, Stay Connected!

Download the GoCharge app on the Play Store or the App Store today!


1. Find the nearest Gocharge station.
2. Download the GoCharge application on your phone. Register/Login.
3. Pay a refundable deposit and use a GoCharge powerbank.
4. Use the correct cable for your smartphone, plug it into the charging port.
5. Charge on the go: While your phone is charging, you are still able to use it.
6. Unplug GoCharge & return: When your phone is sufficiently charged you can unplug it and return it at the nearest GoCharge.
A GoCharge is an automated powerbank dispensing machine with an external rechargeable battery including a charging cable. A power bank or portable power supply which you can use to rent and charge your smartphone. All the GoCharge powerbanks come in-built with charging cable for iOS and Android devices.
Both Android and iOS phones are compatible with GoCharge powerbanks. Each powerbank comes in-built with charging cables, convenient for you with no worries of carrying one of your own.
The GoCharge powerbanks have a capacity of 5000 mAh. The output is around 2.1 A and it weighs 115 grams. The battery is rechargeable for around 300 times.
Very safe! Our Batteries are high quality brand batteries which meet all the safety requirement guidelines. However, you do need to take care and avoid any contact with water, fire and other sources of such dangers.